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Question:  What information can solicitors leave on my doorstep or driveway?

Answer:  All individuals who are soliciting on behalf of a commercial business are required to obtain a solicitors license from the City or State. NOC 4-4-1. The exception to this rule is for charitable groups, including raising money for school approved programs.  You may ask for solicitors to provide you with their credentials, which should include a license from the City or State.  Please notify the City if they do not have a license or refuse to provide it. You may place “no trespassing” or “no solicitation” signs on your property line or porch to inform solicitors that you would not like to be approached for commercial sales. Currently, there are no rules regarding the distribution of newspapers, advertisements and other sales materials.  In fact, several advertisers have filed lawsuits to allow them to continue to distribute their materials based upon protections under the freedom of speech.  If you would not like to receive these items you need to contact the distributor directly and make it clear they need to take you off the distribution route.  Most individuals will comply with reasonable requests; however, the City does not currently have a way to regulate these individuals.

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