Community Question Corner: Where can I find out about the city’s Financial Health?


Where can I find out about the city’s Financial Health?

Answer: The city is required to create two main financial documents every year. The first is the budget which is created by the council and staff during the spring months and finally adopted in late May or early June. This document outlines what funds are expected to be received through various revenue streams and how those revenues are intended to be spent. These budgets are broken down by departments and categories so the City can track where the funds are being spent and where increases and decreases are needed.

The second document is created by third party auditors who are hired to create and “Audit Report.” This document is intended to provide some assurance that the city has followed the budget as approved and stayed within the spending guidelines established by the council. This document also evaluates the internal purchasing, receiving, and payment processes to make sure that staff is following the rules established by the City Council and State Legislature. You can find these documents on the city website under the finance department.

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