Community Question Corner: What Is the Code Enforcement Process?


Resident’s Question: What is the code enforcement process?

Answer. The main objective of code enforcement is compliance. When a code issue is called into our offices, the enforcement department reaches out to the owner to discuss the issue and provide them with the guidance on how to bring their property into compliance. Normally, a written warning with a 10-day notice to cure is created on the 2nd contact with the property owner to provide some deadlines and goals for compliance. If a 3rd contact is necessary, it usually includes a fine and provides them with a hearing date, so they can appear before the Hearing Officer to determine what actions the landowner and city are taking next. This hearing is where the city would typically ask for permission to enter the property and fix the issue at the owner’s cost. This whole process can take several weeks to a few months, depending on various factors. The main goal is compliance, so individuals who are working on moving vehicles, weeds, or other items, and showing progress do not usually end up before the hearing officer.

For more questions, you can always call the code enforcement department at 801-782-7219.

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