Community Question Corner: What Are the Rules Related to Accessory Buildings?


Resident’s Question: What are the rules related to Accessory Buildings?

Answer: We get lots of questions about accessory buildings and additions. As we all know garages are routinely filled with items and vehicles and we need more space. Some have opted to construct stand-alone accessory buildings and others have chosen to expand their existing garage to accommodate additional space. Though the rules are slightly different for each of the different types and here are some general statements that may help you decide which is the best route for your needs. First, for all accessory buildings over 200 sq. ft. or any additions a building permit with engineered approved plans is required. In general, additions can add some flexibility which isn’t available on accessory buildings as far as setback and building heights are concerned. There are also some fire code issues to be considered based on whether or not the building is attached. We also recommend you discuss your plans with your neighbors who might be able to provide a different “viewpoint” for your project and could reduce friction in the future. The Building and Planning Departments are always willing to answer questions please call them at 801-782-7211.

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