What are the rules regarding recreational vehicle and trailer parking?


North Ogden has several rules regarding where RVs, boats, and other similar vehicles and trailers can be parked. For example, you cannot park an RV, boat, or camping trailer on a public street for more than 2 consecutive days or more than 10 calendar days in a month. (North Ogden Code 7-3B-2) A violation of this rule can result in parking citations. For utility trailers, the timeline is much shorter, and no trailers may be parked on the roadway for longer than 24 hours. (North Ogden Code 7-3-8) So, where can you park these items? They must be parked on private property and on approved surfaces. If parked in the side or rear yard, they must be kept in weed free areas, and on concrete, asphalt, road base, or gravel surfaces. All RVs, boats, and trailers need to be parked so that the tongue of the trailer does not extend more than 10 feet in front of the house. If you have questions about where the appropriate parking locations are, you can call code enforcement at 801-782-7219. The purpose of these ordinances is to keep the streets clear and yards clean. Please help us by doing your part to keep our city beautiful.

If you have questions about proper procedures, city code, building permits, community events, how-to’s, or other city-related questions, please send an email to jcall@nogden.org.

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