Community Question Corner: What Are the Rules for Snow This Year?


Resident’s Question: What are the rules for snow this year?

Answer: It is illegal to move your snow onto the street or sidewalk (see NOC 8-4-2). When snow is moved into the streets after the plows have already been through your area, it becomes problematic. The shoveled snow becomes compacted by vehicles, turning the space into a dangerous, icy area. If you see anyone violating this ordinance, please remind them of the city code and point them to this article for information. Also, please do not use vehicle-mounted snow plows to clear away snow from the city streets. Our employees will get to your area as quickly as possible, and we don’t want to risk damage to public infrastructure. Please remember that we need to keep our sidewalks clean, especially along school routes. If you have a sidewalk along the front or side of your house, you are required under city code to shovel it, to allow pedestrians to pass freely (see NOC 8-4-1). We appreciate your willingness to help us keep our children safe on sidewalks during the upcoming snowy season.

For more information visit the page to look at information on snow removal in the sidebar menu links.

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