Community Question Corner: What are the rules along power corridors?


Answer: North Ogden, as a well-established community, has a significant amount of natural areas which benefit our lives in various ways. If you have hiked any of the trails around the city or in Weber County, you are aware of the challenge and beauty of the mountains around us. With those trails, we have a significant number of natural hazards as well as some man-made hazards. The city has been made aware of some individuals utilizing the large metal lattice electrical power towers as climbing gyms or hammock locations. This is extremely dangerous and can result in injuries from falls or electrocutions. In addition to the inherent dangers and risks, the electrical towers are private property, and climbing on them constitutes trespass and is subject to prosecution. Rocky Mountain Power has asked us to help get the word out that, though electrical transmission lines are operated and maintained safely, people must still understand safety concerns. When people do things in or around these lines which bring them closer to the danger, the safety concerns dramatically increase. You can visit the following link for more information: Please stay safe out there.

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