Community Question Corner: Rules regarding tree maintenance

Question: Are there any rules regarding tree maintenance in the city?
Answer: The city code distinguishes between two types of trees: those on public property (8-5-5) and those on private property (8-5-6). For public trees, including those in the parking strip next to the curb of a street, it is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to properly trim the tree to keep all limbs nine (9) feet above the curb and roadway. This helps to protect the snow plow truck windshields and mirrors from damage during the busy plowing season. Please check the trees on your property to make sure they are not overhanging the street in a way that will interfere with our snow plow trucks. The city has not planted any of the trees in the parking strips along the city streets. This means that the neighboring property owner or previous property owner has planted the trees to increase the beauty of their homes and businesses. This also means that the homeowner has an increased maintenance burden, should the trees begin to push up the sidewalks and curbs. North Ogden Code 8-5-5(A) states that tree damage to curbs and sidewalks are the homeowner’s responsibility, so please keep your trees trimmed and planted in appropriate locations.

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