Community Question Corner: How do I know if I’m being scammed?

We are seeing another uptick in phone scams with individuals claiming to be government officials or acting on behalf of your credit card company. Here are a few ways to tell if someone is trying to scam you:

1) Payment will be in the form of a prepaid credit card,amazon card, itunes card or similar payment method.

2) There will be threats of physical harm or immediate incarceration.

3) They will ask for personal identifying information such as birth date, social security number, or other personal information. If you receive a phone call and don’t know whether it’s a scam or not, ask the individual to provide you with their contact information and take the time to do some research on whether they are legitimate or not. Talk to your family and friends to let them know what is happening to see if they think it is a scam. Don’t send any money or mail prepaid cards to the individuals. You can always reach out to the police department who will help assist you in evaluating whether or not someone is trying to scam you or if it is a legitimate creditor.

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