How are trees to be maintained along city roads?


Question: How are trees to be maintained along city roads?

Answer: The trees on public property, including streets, are governed by North Ogden City Code 8-5-5. For these public trees located in the parking strip next to the curb of a street, it is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to properly trim the tree to keep all limbs nine feet above the curb and roadway. This helps to protect the snow plow truck windshields and mirrors from damage during the busy plowing season. At this time of year, we start seeing several new limbs and even some old limbs encroaching on the street right of way. Please check the trees on your property to make sure they are not overhanging the street in a way that interferes with vehicles. These trees between the sidewalk, curb, and gutter were installed by the neighboring property owner; this may have included the person you purchased your home from. The city allows for us to beautify the area between the sidewalk and curb, but the maintenance obligation also goes along with this permission to use city property. We are grateful for the pride each resident takes in their property and the attention to these little details to keep our roads safe.

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