Community Question Corner: Can I install Xeriscape in my yard?


Resident’s Question: Can I install Xeriscape in my yard?

Answer. Yes, the city has several ordinances which encourage xeriscaping and other water conservation techniques. In general, the main goals of those ordinances are to provide for alternatives to grass turf as the main component in a park strip, front or rear yard. The general guiding principles are that the efforts to install landscaping need to be focused on a conscious decision to install natural or plant materials which reduce the need for irrigation. There are also restrictions on the type of plants that can be planted: they can’t be a certain invasive species of noxious weeds that the state has been trying to eradicate. One caveat to remember is that the installation of any concrete or asphalt requires a land use permit from the city to make sure the storm water is not running off onto neighboring properties or increasing the amount of impervious surface beyond the 35% allowed on most residential lots. If you call the city, the Planning Department would be happy to answer any questions about the installation of hard surfaces. 801-782-7211

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