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Question:  How does the City establish speed limits and traffic controls?

Answer: Several questions have come up recently asking if the City can install traffic signals, stop signs, or modify speed limits throughout the City. In general, the standard speed limit is 25 mph for all non-posted roadways. Most of the larger roadways are faster speeds, though occasionally some roads are still 25 mph. When people ask if the City will install 4-way stop signs or reduce speed limits we cannot always say yes. The reason is that there are certain standards which must be met before the state laws will allow us to add stop signs or reduce speed limits.

When a large enough concern is raised, the administration asks the Police Department to perform a traffic analysis to determine the current usage patterns to help in the decision making process. The ultimate decision is left to the Police Department as they apply the appropriate traffic criteria as handed down by the state rules and laws. Often times there are more considerations which come into the analysis than the immediate concern raised by one of our residents. We have seen several improvements recently based upon suggestions by residents and look forward to the continued support of our residents in making our community the wonderful place that it is.

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