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Question: How does somebody change the zoning on their property?

Answer: The City Council has divided the City into several “zones” or classifications, depending on the expected type of use of the property. Most of the City falls under the residential zoning districts with a focus of primarily providing places for people to live. Occasionally a landowner will request that the property they live on, or own, be rezoned for different types of uses, or for a different density of housing units. To accomplish a density change or rezone, a landowner files an application and appears in public hearings before the Planning Commission, and then the City Council makes the final determination on whether or not they agree with the proposed changes. If the Council approves, the property now adopts the new density or rules related to the new zone.

Sometimes people find out that the zone in which they live does not allow a certain type of activity. The Planning Commission and Council also consider text amendments to change the requirements and restrictions in certain zones. A good example of this is the recent change for backyard chickens being allowed in most residential zones. Our planning department is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to Brandon Bell at (801) 782-7211.

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