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Question: Can I store landscaping materials on the road?

Answer: No. The simple answer is that you cannot store landscaping materials on the roadway during home improvement projects. The storm water rules prohibit the storage of landscaping materials along the curb of any street regardless of the time frame. The storage of these materials on public property always leaves residue which ultimately is washed into the storm drain system. It is illegal to put anything down the storm drain that isn’t pure water so please do not wash debris , or pour chemicals of any kind into the gutters or storm drain boxes. Please remember during the annual cleanup that residents need to be careful to keep all leaves and branches on the grass behind the curb and gutter, not in the gutter. This helps the City to keep our storm boxes clean when we have fall rain storms. The City has recently stepped up the enforcement of storm water violations so please call the Public Works Department (801) 782-8111 if you see individuals storing rocks, gravel, sand, bark, or other landscaping materials in the gutter along a street. Please help us remind your neighbors about the appropriate storage policies so we can help keep our storm water channels clean and debris free.

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