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Question: Who owns my water meter?

Answer: The City owns and maintains the water meters. Homeowners own and maintain the waterline on the home side of the meter. Over the past several years, the City has been replacing the existing water meters and radios throughout the City. These pieces of equipment are owned and maintained by the City. For this reason, the City has an ordinance which prohibits non authorized individuals from working on anything inside the meter pits. Technically it is illegal to open the meter pit and work on anything without City approval or City personnel being there. This is especially true now that the new meters have radios attached to them. These radios require wiring and can be damaged if somebody pulls a meter pit lid off without properly disconnecting everything. We are asking that if you need work done on your water meter that you call the City to make sure water is turned off and all the appropriate precautions are taken. If you see anybody violating these rules we ask that you contact the City (801-782-8111) so we can make sure no damage has occurred to the meters or the radios.

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