Community Question Corner

Question: What am I allowed to do with the creek bed through my property?

Answer: Several of the homes and properties in North Ogden City have creeks, irrigation channels, drainage channels, wetlands, or other waterways through their property. It is important to remember that anything done in these areas which alter the flow or direction of water must be approved by the city engineer’s office, or possibly the Army Corp of Engineers. We have recently run into several people who have regraded drainage channels, or installed landscaping or decks in the drainage channel which interrupt the flow of water.

These types of changes can cause devastating results if channels are blocked because they can back up and flood homes in the area. Additionally, some people have begun utilizing these areas for the dumping of grass or other yard materials. This is also not appropriate, and if it occurs on a federally protected area there may be severe consequences. Please help us keep these areas clean and flowing in the way they were designed or have historically flowed so we limit the risk to our community when a storm event occurs.

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