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Question: When am I required to get a building permit?

Answer: Building permits are required much more often than people think, and even apply for. Technically speaking you should get a building permit whenever you modify any structural, electrical, plumbing, or roofing component on your home. When talking structural, that typically means for modification, for weight-bearing structures like floors joists, roofs, decks, and other similar items. For plumbing it typically means when you are modifying the main service lines and not simply replacing a sink or faucet. For electrical, you should obtain a permit before rewiring any outlets or fixtures. Building permits are also required for any accessory building which is over 200 sq. ft. When a structure exceeds 600 sq. ft., or has living space in it, you are required to have engineered drawings which verify that the structure you are installing is sufficiently safe and won’t collapse under the snow load and other similar considerations. The City has a building inspection department with three licensed building inspectors who can answer questions about when a permit is required and what they need to issue the permit. Please feel free to contact them at 801-782-7211.

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