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Question:   How big can my shed be?

Answer:   The general rule for sheds in North Ogden City is that if they are shorter than 15 feet tall and less than 600 sq. ft. they can be built up 3 feet from the property line.  If the building is larger than 600 square feet, or taller than 15 feet at the peak, then the distances between the property line and the structure vary by zone.  For example, in the RE-20 zone, the structure may be closer than 15 feet provided there are no occupied structures within a certain distance, but in the R-1-10 zone, they must be 15 feet away from the property line.  It is important to check with the planning department at the city to make sure your planned project will be in compliance with the city ordinances.  Please also check if you are planning any animal enclosures on your property so that we can look at the specific setback requirements for the various types of shelters.  Feel free to call the Planning Department at (801) 782-7211 if you are planning to construct an accessory building in the near future.

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