Community Pond Coming

North Ogden City has been working toward the construction of a community pond to be located at approximately 2300 N 250 E. These are some of the items that were discussed at an open house last month.

This facility will play an important role for our city and will serve three main purposes.

1.   Detention Basin for North Ogden City – North Ogden City has an existing stormwater basin located at 2500 N 200 E. The existing basin is in an area that could be sold as prime commercial real estate. The city plans to relocate the existing basin, which is not providing any sales tax or property tax to the City, to the new location and sell the existing location to a retail project developer. This would provide the city roughly 1.6 million in the sale of the property, $14,000 in annual property taxes and an estimated $198,000 in annual sales tax based on current projections.

2.  Recreational Facility/Pond – North Ogden City has applied for two grants (Federal – NCRS, and State – Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant) to help with the development of a recreational facility/community pond at this location. The pond is planned to have two distinct features: a deep area (irrigation) and shallow area (recreation) as well as a sandy beach area, restrooms, parking, pavilions and other park features.

3.  Irrigation Facility for Pineview Water (Weber-Box Elder Conservation District) – Pineview will partner with North Ogden city in paying for the construction and will utilize this facility for the storage of irrigation water used for the pressurized secondary water system most residents use to water their yards and gardens. Pineview is in need of a reservoir/storage facility and this project will meet those needs.

We are looking for community feedback on this project. There are other options also being considered: for example, a park that also doubles as a retention pond similar to Wadman park. Please contact the city with your feedback –

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