Photos by Dawn Paul & Melissa Spelts

The word “influencer” brings up a certain imagery these days. It tends to be of the trendy, fashionable sort-people with a large social media following with the ability to persuade their niche audiences to purchase products or simply click a like or follow button.

But in the big picture, no one has as much impact on the quality of our lives as the people in our immediate communities. We don’t need TikTok or Instagram to benefit from the positive messages and assistance of our friends and neighbors, local leaders, volunteers and business owners. This year’s list of Community Influencers, the people actively making a positive impact on the places we live and work through their passions and common goals, is no exception.

We hope you enjoy meeting some of the people who were nominated for this year’s list, and extend thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to send in nominations. We encourage you to look for the influencers in your neighborhood, and thank them for playing an active role in shaping their community.
–The Connection Publishing Team


Community Nominated Influencers for 2023

Gary Attebery, Do-Good Today
Anna Bravard, Advanced Electrolysis
Peggy Barker, Barker Park Committee
Tim Billings, Red White and Boom Event
Blake Cevering, Barker Park Committee
Dr. Kendell Coburn, Bountiful Internal Medicine
Kirk Chugg, The Gentleman’s Project Podcast
Kurtis Fredericks, Project Illumination
Norah Gadd Baron, Clearfield Unofficial Facebook Page
Whitney Hidalgo, Inspire Dance Studio
Suzanne Kemp, Strike Boxing
Hali Larsen, Smarty Pants Academy

Kenneth Naegle, PARC
Judy Nixon, Syracuse Arts Academy
Stephanie O’Brien, Radiate Nutrition
Dale Pfister, Syracuse Arts Academy
Grant Protzman, Barker Park Committee
Steve Reich, R Marketing
Teya Ridenour, Tr.ue Beauty
Preston Creed, Strike Boxing
Colleen Thurgood, Lady Lions Service and Social Club
Major Kit Workman, Utah Military Academy
Lori Russon Worthington, Russon Mortuary
Amber Wykstra, Ovation Homes

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