Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.14.56 PM.pngAre you a musician that plays or has played a concert band type instrument? Have you thought about using your skills or renewing your skills in a fun type atmosphere? If so, you will be interested in a new concert band in the North Weber County area.
You need not be a resident of North Ogden to join. We need band instruments of all kinds and welcome your interest in joining with us. Musicians of all levels and ages are welcome as long as you have high school playing experience. Please come and join with other interested volunteer members.
When:  The band will officially start April 25, 2018, 7pm. After this date, rehearsal times will be posted on this website.
Where:  We meet in the North View Senior Citizens Center (485 E. 2550 N., North Ogden, Utah).
Music: Digital copies of the music will be posted on this web page. Check back in the future for updates. You will need to download copies for your instrument and bring the music to rehearsals.
For now, each participant will need to provide their own music stand. For the time being these are not available, but we hope this will change in time along with storage space. We are constantly recruiting new members. Please help by encouraging your friends and acquaintances to join.

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