Coming Soon: New Skate Park

If you have visited North Ogden Park lately, you might have noticed that there is a large hole where the volleyball courts used to be. As part of the expansion of the library, Weber County has agreed to relocate the skate park for the many people who enjoy and use it.

The skating components that were at the original skate park have been relocated to North Ogden Park. In the coming weeks there will be a lot of movement at the park while the new cement pad is poured and the pieces are put back in place. The pieces used to have a steel “toe” or transition plate, and that has been cut off in order to sink them into the new concrete to create a more smooth transition for riders. In addition to moving the existing components and making the park flow better, the City will be adding an additional ramp, grind rail, A-frame and the components needed to complete the bowl.

The final design (see image above) was approved August 15th by the City Council.

The components will be cleaned up, painted, and any existing holes will be filled so that they look great and are safer for riders. We are looking forward to our new and improved skate park, and hope to have it completed and ready for a grand opening at the end of October.

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