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Dr. Marc Collman started his dental practice in North Ogden in 1996, first operating out of the white house on 2650 N. where the Wild Poppy Salon was most recently located. This is where Dr. Collman learned that you have to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” while building a business or accomplishing anything worthwhile. As a mentor, teacher and doctor, Dr. Collman has learned and shared his philosophy that in order to find success, you must put in the hard work and effort of getting good grades, work hard in your school programs, make life long friends and build your business. It isn’t always easy but it is worth it.

Dr. Wangsgard and family.

Dr. Richard Wangsgard grew up in North Ogden and has known Dr. Collman since junior high. At about age sixteen, he started to shadow Dr. Collman at his office to see what a career in dentistry was all about. He loved the attitude, friendliness and quality of care at the office. “People not only enjoyed coming and getting their teeth worked on, but they really enjoyed being friends with Dr. Collman and his staff.”

At the age of 5, Dr. Wangsgard had a life-long dream of becoming a dentist because of an incident where two front teeth were damaged in a fall. From that moment he understood the importance of a healthy smile and the effect it has on people. He wanted to help those who feel uncomfortable about their smiles overcome those obstacles so they won’t have the same experience he had. He stuck with his childhood dream all through high school, college and while serving an LDS mission in Toronto, Canada, Spanish speaking. While attending Weber State and because of his Spanish language skills, Dr. Wangsgard was able to take several service mission trips to Costa Rica and Ecuador to translate for dentists and doctors doing humanitarian work. He still uses those language skills today in his practice here in North Ogden.

Dr. Wangsgard received his undergraduate degree from Weber State University and went on to receive his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree (D.M.D.) from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. He wanted to further his dental education and was accepted into the prestigious General Practice Residency program at the University of Utah Dental School where Dr. Collman is the co-director. This program is for top performing students who want to learn the medical side of dentistry. Dr. Wangsgard was excited to have the opportunity to fine-tune his skills so he could perform advanced dental procedures in his office to help benefit the lives of his future patients in the clinical setting.

Dr. Wangsgard is now the standard by which Dr. Collman judges future applicants to the residency program. Because Dr. Wangsgard’s work ethic is so strong he still holds the record for the most implant procedures completed while in residency. Dr. Wangsgard says the program was a terrific opportunity for him to continue learning and training from specialists in all fields of dentistry such as Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists, Periodontists etc. while studying under Dr. Collman at the U of U.

In 2016, Dr. Collman offered to Dr. Wangsgard the opportunity to come back home to North Ogden and join the practice he has loved for more than 20 years. As friends and colleagues, they work great together today building the practice and sharing their love of dentistry with patients and friends. Their office is located at 2251 N. Washington Blvd, just south and across the street from Zions Bank. Collman & Wangsgard Dental provides services including adult care, pediatric care, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, implants and special needs dentistry.

Dr. Collman and his wife, Karen, have 2 children and 7 grandchildren. Dr. Wangsgard and his wife, Cassie, have 3 children. They all love living and working in North Ogden, part of the community they call home.

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