Cold Water Creek Update


Two years ago, we wrote a story about Spencer Alexander and his desire (we share that desire) to preserve and restore where needed the Coldwater Creek in North Ogden. Here is a little update. Saturday 9/18/21, a group of community members including members of the City Council and Mayor, showed up to cleanup the creek. They made some great headway on a section of the creek along 1900 N to the west of Big O Tires. Well done community! More chances to help clean the creek to come!

Drawing by Spencer Alexander

Spencer has been hard at work seeking to generate support from not only the residents but the community leadership groups that can have an impact on the creek. Weber Basin Anglers have started working with Spencer and are considering spearheading the restoration process for the creek. Though not finalized, this would be a huge win for the creek as this group will fundraise and work to help restore and then maintain the creek as the beautiful community treasure it is.

TO STAY UP TO DATE on all thing Cold Water Creek, you can follow Friends of Coldwater Creek on Facebook or email Spencer at If you want to contribute, There are opportunities to attend community cleanups, or you can contribute financially. The needed non-profit status is almost complete. Let’s keep efforts going to make this creek beautiful again.

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