City of North Ogden Texting

Text us to find city information and report issues.

You can now text the City of North Ogden to find information and report issues on the go.

Find information about city council meetings, animal licensing, the Green Waste Pit, building permits, events, utilities, recreation, and more. You can also report issues such as water leaks, potholes, stray dogs, and code violations.

Save (385) 492-6002 to your phone and text “HI” or use any of the keywords from our keywords list on our website whenever you need it.

You can receive city text alerts.

Sign up to receive city alerts via text message. Opt-in to get the latest updates, like when the Green Waste Pit opens and closes for the season, road closures, event information, and other city alerts sent directly to your phone.

Get started by texting the word “North Ogden” to 91896.

What can I expect?

After the initial keyword, “North Ogden,” is sent, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to reply YES to verify opt-in.

How can I Opt-out?

Text “STOP” at any time to remove yourself from the notification list.

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