City Information

Blue Garbage Cans

The blue garbage cans are used as overflow garbage cans and are picked up every other week. Residents can utilize the recycling dumpsters located at approximately 346 E. Pleasant View Dr. (old Public Works shop). These dumpsters are for recyclables only (i.e., cardboard, plastics 1 & 2, etc.). Please do not abuse or misuse these dumpsters. Recently, there have been items left (mattresses, garbage, toilets, etc.) in the recycling dumpsters. If you need to dispose of similar items, please take them to the Weber County Transfer Station, 867 Wilson Lane, Ogden.

Flood Zones

Questions regarding flood zones should be directed
to Eric Casperson, City Engineer, at 801-782-7211.

FEMA flood maps are available for your review at the
city offices. We also have elevation certificates.

Questions, Comments, Accolades?

for information and community contacts.

City Directory

Neal Berube: 801-686-0688,

Phillip Swanson: 801-940-2111,
Charlotte Ekstrom: 801-920-6987,
Blake Cevering: 801-549-8202,
Ryan Barker: 801-814-4306,
Jay D. Dalpias: 385-405-6061,

City Hall: 801-782-7211

Planning: 801-737-9841
Scott Hess

City Recorder: 801-737-9830
Rian Santoro

Human Resources Manager: 801-737-9835
Katie Gerard-Nelson

Building Official: 801-737-9031
Nate Davis

Police: Business 801-782-7219
Non-Emergency Dispatch 801-395-8221
Emergency 911
Chief Dirk Quinney
Lieutenant Jeremy Hindes

Public Works: 801-782-8111
David Espinoza

Parks & Recreation: 801-737-0587
Becca Godfrey
Justin Rasmussen

City Manager/City Attorney: 801-737-9846
Jon Call

Senior Center: 801-782-6211 Zella Richards

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