City Council Update: What to do with the old public works building?

question-mark-1019993_1920The city is considering selling the old Public Works Building and want feedback from the residents. City Attorney Jon Call said the property is a water asset and selling the building might help offset some of the costs for the upcoming water projects in the next couple of years.

Call said they have gotten an offer, but the city uses the building for storage and the Family Promise Group uses the east building. The city could also potentially use it for a new police station. Call said they have sold city property in the past and have regretted it. They are interested in getting the city the most advantageous deal.

Form Based Code

Associate Planner Brandon Bell is trying to determine if the city wants to adopt form based code. He gave a recap of the presentation on form based code from the last work session. He said a walkable downtown area is common in historic main streets. He said the development going on in Ogden on 21st and 22nd behind America first Credit Union can give people an idea of what following form based code could look like. “The main street gets all the attention but it is the supporting neighborhood that makes it possible.” He said it is best to either adopt it or not. He said it gets hairy if you try to mix it.

Major Project Updates

During the work session, which focuses on discussion not action,  Call announced the Monroe Blvd right of way has been purchased for road expansion. “Anyone who wanted to sell to the city has now completed that sale.” Call said there were excess funds they didn’t use which will go back to the county.

He also announced they are going through the RFP selection process to select a person to perform the environmental analysis for the 400 E, 450 E, and 2600 N widening projects. Call suggested to hold a public meeting at the senior center to show the new alignments.

The city will pay between $60,000-$70,000 for the environmental analysis cost with a grant. After the analysis they will hire an engineer, then a contractor, and start construction in 2020. Call said the city will pay $2 million for the project and other funds are coming from grants. “We have been really successful at getting transportation grants,” said Call.

French Drain

Dave Gordon has property directly behind Lee’s market place on 300 E 2650 N. He wants to build a barrier between his property and a city park that borders it. He wants to install a French drain to keep water from coming into his property from the park. Call said RDA funds could be used for this project. Councilman Phillip Swanson said they will get together with engineers to get an estimate of the cost of the French drain. Call said they can come back with a proposal the council can approve it if they choose after they get an estimate.


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