City council update: Urry declares Dec. 8 WSU Day for their football game

Councilman Jim Urry, acting as mayor pro tempore, declares Friday Dec. 8 Weber State University Day since their football team will be playing a championship round that evening. The Weber State football team has 11 wins so far and Urry wants to encourage citizens to wear purple. The game starts at 5 pm on Friday and it will be broadcast on ESPN 2. Mayor Brent Taylor was out of town along with Cheryl Stoker who was appointed Mayor pro tempore for the remainder of the term.

Potholes on Lomond View drive:

Ryan Spelts brought two potholes on  Lomond View drive to the attention of the city council. Spelts said they repaved the road after they laid the gas line but they paved the asphalt above two manholes. The concrete collar seems to have sunk into the asphalt. “It feels like it’s going to rip your tire off if you drive over it in the snow or at night.” City Attorney Jon Call reached out to public works. Later in the meeting he said Justin Schinsil messaged him and said he would take a look at it.

Annexation petition:

The council previously accepted the annexation petition for the property located at 2551 North Mountain Road but there was a change in the plant map. The public hearing for the property with the amended change will be open for three weeks from Dec 4, 2017.

Meeting times:

Utah state code requires the city to set meeting times. City council meetings will be held the first, second, third, and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 pm. The Planning Commission will meet the first and third Wednesday every month at 6:30 pm.

Parking citations:

Call said they have been issuing warnings for parking citations. No citations have been issued yet. The police are tracking it with a google doc to make sure they aren’t giving multiple warnings to the same violator. The citation fee is $25 and there isn’t a charge to make an appeal.


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