City Council Update: the city will not regulate whether the new town homes will be rented or owned

Joint work session

The meeting began with a joint work session. The council approved some of the discussed adjustments to the Multi Use development on Washington Blvd.  The council decided the city will not regulate whether the town homes will be rented or owned. John Call, the City Attorney, said, “I’ve never seen a city make that a part of a requirement. It is usually a private agreement between the HOA landowners.”Councilman Jim Urry said a religious leader in North Ogden told him there are numerous calls to the police for the town homes in his congregation that are rented. Councilman Philip Swanson said the pursuit of regulating this could put them on legal thin ice. Councilman Urry said, “if there was a way to legally pursue it, I would pursue it.” 

The council decided a road will not be connected through at 300 East. Mayor Taylor said “Initially we had hoped to purchase the parcel of land from the home owners association here. They were not willing to sell it and they have that right. There is not a viable path for connecting that road on mutually agreeable term with the neighbors. The city can condemn it, as with all citys have that power. The residents asked for that not to occur.” None of the council felt comfortable condemning the land for eminent domain use. Councilman Swanson said, “As far as condemning that land further down the road, I would hope that it would be some earth-shattering reason that we would go through eminent domain to put that road in there.”

Setbacks were moved to 20 ft. on the 31 ft. height town home buildings. The developer will provide a snow removal plan for the site.  The height of the independent living facilities were reduced. “The original proposal was four and four, the developers made a modified proposal for the western building to be three and the eastern still four,” according to Mayor Taylor.

The access with Big-O Tires will not be pursued. The number of cottages and units in the independent living facility will not change. There will be further discussion regarding parking on 1700.


Public comments

Jay Hollinder said he was nervous about how parking will be managed in the multi use development. “It will be difficult to get emergency vehicles in and out through the narrow roads.” He said that guest parking and parking for teenagers should be considered in the development.

Rob Watson, who lives one street east of the new development said he hoped they would consider moving the independent living facility closer to Washington Blvd. “I think this will help keep the neighborhood feel in the neighborhood.”

City Council agenda items

Details of the use of the Senior Center with Weber Human Services were discussed by the council. Call said, “We are not in the business of providing senior services. Independent organizations can use the facility but they have to pay for their expenses. If someone gives the city money for the senior center we can put it towards our overhead costs. We don’t have to give it to another organization.” He said they are working to form a partnership with organizations.

After shopping around, the city found cheaper financing options for the two snow plow trucks that will be in use this upcoming winter. In a previous city council meeting, the council were asked to approve a financing option. The council decided to shop around and they got a lower interest rate and saved the city thousands of dollars in the future. City National Bank had the lowest interest rate without prepayment penalties.

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