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City Council Update: The birth of the City Band

Loren Jeppsen is on the road to organize a city band of 40-70 volunteer members. Jeppsen asked North Ogden City to sponsor the organization and the council gave him the green light to apply for a R.A.M.P grant. Jeppsen said they will use the grant to purchase music to get started. Brent Broom, a professional and academically trained musician, volunteered to start out as their conductor. Jeppsen said they hope to participate in some way in the Cherry Days Festival this year. He hopes to attract “closet musicians” with high school band experience at a minimum.

Protecting Barker Park

The council discussed restricting housing development at Barker Park. They will move towards approving a conservation easement agreement for Barker Park at the beginning of April. There has never been home site designs made along 2600 so far, but the council was worried a future council might move in a different direction. Swanson said they want to eliminate the sword but Councilwoman Sara Fawson was not supportive of limiting decision making in the future.

No Forcing Annexation

The council decided to let owners of island properties choose to be annexed into North Ogden City if they want it. The council will deal with island annexations on a case by case basis if property owners want it. The county has pushed that the council should be able to strong arm anyone into the city. The council decided they don’t want to force people into the city if they don’t want to be annexed in.

City Attorney John Call said safety is the most likely reason for this push. He said it would clarify who is supposed to respond when the police are called. Forcing annexation would cost $2,000 to survey the properties and would take years to recover that cost through property tax. They also said some people did not want to be annexed in. Dale Barker’s Cold Springs Trout Farm property is an unincorporated island. Barker said he felt like the discussion and decision was fair and correct. He said there are benefits that the county has to offer that they utilize. Ryan Brown said he wants to have horses on his rural property and he doesn’t’ want to get forced into the city.

Donation to YCC approved

Julie Smith from Your Community Connection said in the last 6 months they have helped 24 people with domestic violence issues from North Ogden. The council approved a $8,000 donation to the organization, which was already a part of the City’s budget according to Call. Smith said domestic violence is the number one cause of homicide. “Our whole goal is to make everyone safe.” She said they provide a safe place for people to go and they offer resources to help set women on the road to success.

Cul De Sac length

Dr. Paul Mackley said he hopes the city will extend maximum cul de sac standards. He said he  wants to avoid a side road being put in on the street he lives. Fire Marshal Barker said International Fire Code says maximum cul de sac length is 750 ft. Anything beyond that needs special permission and he said they have “never given special permission.” The council tabled this item. They wanted get the thoughts and recommendations of the Fire Marshal and Planning Commission. They also wanted to look over the minutes of past decisions.

Additional parking for Coldwater Animal Hospital

Dr. Shupe, a Doctor at Coldwater Animal Hospital is hoping to get more room for parking before Washington Blvd is widened. He requested the purchase or lease of the property between the hospital and the old city shops for a parking development. The area is currently used as a staging area for the city. The council said they would declare it as a surplus property to follow state code to get the property and then they would appraise the land.

Other Decisions

The council approved the agreement  A5-2018 establishing the protection strip for the Cherry Springs Villas. They also approved a sidewalk curb and gutter deferral on a single lot subdivision. They stipulated it would be completed by October 2021. The council approved resolution 10-2018 to approve a temporary Justice Court Judge when Judge Lambert is out of town. He is the judge at the police station. The council approved the Miss North Ogden pageant to become its own 501c3 with encouragement that the name remain as Miss North Ogden. 



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