City Council Update: Tensions rise over the Barker Park amphitheater

Kim Christiansen, Arron Christiansen, and other residents in the Deer Meadows subdivision across the street from Barker Park said they are concerned about noise, parking, and a reduction in home value as a result of the amphitheater development. Several residents said they were concerned they had not been included in the decision making process for the development.  

Mayor Brent Taylor said he and the council took great measures to include the residents in the decision making process. He said they asked the Standard Examiner to publish articles, they had an article in the city magazine, they had an open house, and  they posted on the city facebook page and the Mayor’s facebook page. He said these efforts were made to encourage participation and discussion on the project. Sara Fawson expressed her gratitude to the residents who came to the meeting on Tuesday Jan. 16.


Evan Nelson presented the 2017 audit report. He said the city has $5.9 million in unrestricted cash and their net position is  $73.8 million in assets. Nelson reported the city’s sales tax revenue has increased by 14% from last year. He said the city is currently $2 million in debt for the aquatic center. He said the $37,000 owed on the dump trucks and the $19,000 leaf collecting vehicle will all be paid off in the coming fiscal year.

The council approved to increase miscellaneous pay to 40% to cover fringe benefits and will go into effect for 2018. Taylor said the IRS fringe benefits are additional benefits the city provides such as pool passes, gift cards, and uniforms worn by the parks department and other departments. “There has been a higher tax impact on our employees than we anticipated. They are requesting a higher amount of compensation to cover these fringe benefits costs.”

The council approved the grant application for the Land development code project. Rob Scott, the city planner said this project will look at redoing zoning and subdivision ordinances. He said they were last looked at in 2002. “State law and code has changed since then,” he said.

Police Force

The council approved the request to remodel the evidence room. Chief of police John Call said the current evidence room is full and they need more space that is secure. Taylor said $10,000 of the remaining animal shelter budget would be used for the remodel. 

The council approved to add a 3rd sergeant to the North Ogden City Police. Call said he wants additional leadership structure with more police officers. He said the third sergeant position would deal with evidence and detective work. He said he plans to promote a current officer into the position. He said the annual cost for the promotion will be no more than $5,000.

The council passed the personnel policy making the probationary period for sworn in officers 6 months instead of 12. They made this policy retroactive for those in the probationary period.

The Temporary Mayor

The council appointed Cheryl Stoker as the mayor pro tempore. Taylor said the mayor pro tempore  will replace Mayor Chugg if he is sick or out of town. The council set the annual salary of the temporary mayor to be $50,000. Taylor said no money will be going to him when he is overseas. Brent Chugg will be sworn in as temporary mayor at 6:30 pm on Friday January 19.

Brent Chugg said he has 5 boys and 16 grandchildren. He graduated from Utah State University and he said he has “50 years experience with large operations.” He said he has enjoyed working with the council and “things are going great here in North Ogden.” He said he hopes to keep it moving forward in a positive way.

Caucus Meeting

Reed Miller asked the council if they would allow a caucus meeting in the North Ogden City Municipal Building on March 20. He said they plan on speaking about patriotism, maintaining high moral values, and upholding the constitution.


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