City Council Update: Silent movie option for movies in the park

City Staff found a way to show movies in the park without the audio disturbing residents if the movie runs past 10 p.m. when the noise ordinance restricts audio in Barker Park.  A small device allows the audio to be broadcast to phones or tablets via Wi-Fi. Residents would download an app, connect to the device’s Wi-Fi, and then listen to the movie through their headphones. There isn’t a monthly subscription for this service, only a one-time cost of purchasing the device.

Staff would prefer to use speakers since it is more inclusive. Parents might have a hard time keeping earphones on children and families might not have enough devices for each family member to listen. Call did mention earphone splitters can be used to connect 2+ people to one device. So far it seems like the best option if the city chooses to hold movies in the Park at Barker Park in the future.  

This park is the city staff’s top pick for location because they can store the equipment within the amphitheater building. This would make set up and take down simpler than transporting all the equipment to a park and setting it up with extension cords each time. However, holding movies there would require an ordinance change.

In addition, the city has had problems with teenagers loitering during and after movies when they held the event at the same park each time. They had fewer problems when they started rotating venues so the only people who attended were the residents who planned on going solely to watch the movie.

The council decided to try movies in the park at a different park for the next two movies and revisit the discussion after that point.

Other Items

The council approved Rezoning property at 2550 N 250 E from residential to commercial. The council approved the complete Streets policy standards which give standards to residents landscaping along the road. For example, trees should not block the view of businesses or signage.

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