City Council Update: Sewer linings are adding years of life to older cement pipes

The council accepted the Waste Water Planning Program annual report presented by Trent Wilkins who is the Sanitary Sewer Superintendent. This report helps the city know how many new residents and new businesses have moved in the year so the city can plan appropriately.   Wilkins and his team have been placing sewer linings in the city pipes. They put a resin between the cement pipes and the liners. This hardens and adds 40-50 years of life to the pipe. Wilkins said,“With this procedure we don’t have to dig up the road if the pipes crack.” They started with the older parts of town and are working their way through the city.

The Budget

The changes in the recycling market will affect the city’s budget. Finance Director Evan Nelson said if recycling is the service the residents want, then the city must determine the cost to provide that service. 

Nelson said building permit revenue and sales tax revenue has gone up but he is expecting those to taper off eventually. He said the city is setting aside funds for maintenance and repair work for streets, playgrounds, and other city assets in the future. The idea is to set aside money so when something breaks, they won’t have to bond. The city will already have the funds to repair or replace what needs fixing.

Nelson reviewed the budget calendar and set two days of budget retreats for the council to review the budget before approving it. Nelson said there will be a Public hearing on June 5th where the public will have a chance to comment.

Councilman Carl Turner said there are city employees nearing retirement. He wondered what the cost will be to promote employees or hire more. The council also brought up how the Police department is outgrowing their building. They also said it is time to reevaluate salaries for the Public Safety to make sure they attract and retain experienced officers.

Arts and Amphitheater Committee

The council approved to have Charlotte Eckstrom and Aaron Christensen appointed to Arts and Amphitheater Committee. Swanson said committee meetings are public and people can attend, comment, and participate.

Stormwater Pollution

Justin Shinsel, the Public Works Inspector told the council it is important to get a Stormwater Pollution Inspector. He said there can be large fines from the state if they don’t document stormwater pollution.

Subdivision Approval

The city council granted conditional approval for the North View phase 5 subdivision and the Story Farms subdivision. They granted a conditional use permit for the Taylor Hills subdivision. They also granted conditional use for the Ward Farms subdivision.

Other Items

City Attorney Jon Call said there are three Jon Calls in the city. He doesn’t comment on the Mayor’s Facebook page.

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