City Council Update: Residents oppose a potential zone change

 Al Trout said he was notified the city planning commission is considering changing the Powell Estates development to an S 5 which, he said, would put a house on every tenth of an acre. Five other residents who live near the development vocalized their objections concerning the matter. One of them, Mitch Warren, said this would create a 411% decrease in lot size.

Trout said this would not be in line with the general plan and 41 land owners oppose it. He said if they move forward with the change it zoning, it will not preserve the rural feel of their neighborhoods. Warren said Rice Creek, which is zoned as R-1-10,  is more in line with the general look and feel they hope for.

Councilman Carl Turner said his wife and surrounding residents were very vocal when a development was about to be built near their homes. He said their participation changed the outcome significantly and he is confident this group’s participation will affect change in their favor. 

Victim Advocate position

The council approved a Victims of Crime Act grant which will fund a part time victim advocate for the North Ogden Police. Chief of Police Lance Call said it will be very helpful to have someone in house to support victims of domestic abuse. He said this person lets victims know what resources are available and helps them through the judicial process. Mayor Brent Chugg said he thinks it’s a great thing and the council is happy about it as well. They will look for someone to fill the position in June.

Benefits for part time city employees

City recorder and Human Resources Director Annette Spendlove asked the council to consider adding benefits for part time city employees. She said the assistant in planning has a high turnover rate and her department lost some employees because they wanted benefits. Spendlove said training takes away valuable time from their other jobs.

“Part time city recorders are invaluable.” She said they recently hired a new assistant and they want to hold on to who they have. The council granted holiday pay and URS when they are hired.

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