City Council Update: Lance Call is sworn in as the new Chief of Police

Lance Call being sworn in at the City Council meeting. Photo provided by North Ogden City 

Lance Call was sworn in as the new Chief of Police who is a former American Fork Chief of Police. Mayor Taylor described Call as having a calm demeanor, steady hand, and extreme depth of professional experience. Call said he plans to come in with his ears open so he can learn the culture of the place and build trusting relationships. The former Chief of Police Chief Warren was recognized as one who left great improvements with his influence at the department. Mayor Taylor said North Ogden is considered the 8th safest city in Utah.

Call has a relative who works for the city so Mayor Taylor highlighted the city’s policy and protocol to make it clear they do not allow nepotism. “Our policy mirrors Utah State Law for the employment of relatives. Employment of relatives is allowed with certain exceptions. No public officer may employ, appoint or vote for or recommend the appointment of a relative to any position of employment where the salary, wages, pay, or compensation of the appointee will be paid with public funds and the appointee will be directly supervised by a relative.” Mayor Taylor said they followed their policy and other council members described the detailed objective approach they took when selecting a candidate.

Tiffany Turner was awarded $200 for the Kiwanis club essay contest. The prompt was: “How does being connected in a community benefit individuals and the community.”

2900 North will be given an honorary street sign for the North Ogden Junior High Knights. Mayor Taylor said this will not affect the street addresses of the residents who live on that street.

Public Works standards document was updated and the council gave feedback for changes they would like to see in the document before it is approved.

Lightning struck and destroyed equipment responsible for delivering electricity to residents. A drive, board and about $9,000 in equipment were destroyed in a dry lightning storm in late July of 2017. The city’s public works doesn’t have adequate protection against transient voltage. The council discussed getting surge suppressors.

The deer population problem was discussed. The next step for the council will be to write a request to the state to remove some of the animals. Options for removing the deer include killing the animals or having them relocated. Using lethal methods for removing the deer must be done at least 600 ft from any building.

The council approved two annexation petitions of 14.501 acres of land which includes Hancock property and property that is just south of the current Country Boy building. Approval of these petitions will start the process of the comment and objection period.

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