City Council Update: Four youth speak out on pollution, plastic, and choosing to live sustainably

“Climate change threatens our our health, water supply, and agriculture” said Hadley Johnson. She suggested to keep recyclable items out of landfills, use renewable energy, and turn off lights when they are not in use. She encouraged the council to “make a change for the benefit of the North Ogden community.”  

Riley Johnson encouraged a decline in straws in restaurants and the proper disposal of other plastics. “Five hundred million straws are used and discarded every day in the U.S alone.” She said straws are an item with a quick lifespan that can’t be recycled. “Disposable straws never completely biodegrade.” She said fish, seabirds and other wildlife eat plastic thinking it’s food and eventually starve with a stomach full of plastic. “If we don’t do anything… more and more animals will die from consuming straws and other plastics.”

Stephanie voiced her concern to preserve fresh air since “pollution is growing concern for our environment.” She said people utilizing public transportation and biking are little steps that can improve the environment. Councilman Philip Swanson suggested they be a part of the clean air committee.

Jessie Urry said, “We live in a desert climate and the snowpack is 50% below the normal level.” This will cause Pineview Reservoir to be at a lower level. She said enforcing broken sprinkler heads to get fixed and only allowing lawn watering from dusk till dawn could make a positive impact.

Nuisance Ordinance Revision

The council began to revise the nuisance ordinance for the city. Chief of police Jon Call said, the majority of their time and resources are spent on a minority of the residents in the city. He said they keep going back to the same rental properties for the same problems whether it’s drug activity or disturbance calls from loud parties.

Call said with a proper nuisance ordinance, the police can put the property owner on notice for their first contact. If the property owner does not take any action by the second time, he or she can be held civilly and criminally liable. Based off his experience he said, “It’s phenomenal what that does to a community. It takes the wind right out of the sails of criminal activity.”

It’s important to know who the property owner is and who to contact. Call said, in order for this to work, all people who have rental properties must have a permit.  

Land sale

The council approved the agreement with JD Mercer regarding the sale of 6.6 acres at 190 E 2550 N.

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