City Council Update: Form based code was given a no-go

The council decided to not incorporate Form Based Code into the downtown area along Washington Blvd. Over the past few months Councilman Phillip Swanson said he has doubted that it was something the city could effectively apply in North Ogden. Dale Anderson said it’s not a bad thing to spend a lot of time and money investigating something and then choosing to not pursue it.  

Detention Basin project

Weber Box Elder Conservation District Board is requesting to go back to the original design for the 2550 detention basin. The council had previously decided to forgo plans to make the area into a pond and instead have a fenced irrigation area inaccessible to the public and have a separate park portion. However, upon further revision, the Board is not convinced the new plan will be eligible for the grant money. They support removing the fence separating the irrigation water from the recreational water, but they only want the pond to be used for fishing for liability reasons.

 There is a detention basin on Washington Blvd and the council originally wanted to move the detention basin to 2550 to free up the property for commercial development, thus bringing more revenue to the city.

Councilman Ryan Barker said he doesn’t like the strings that come with accepting grant money. He suggested the city simply build a detention basin to replace the one on Washington Blvd. “It seems like North Ogden is giving all the concessions to make this work and that’s where I have an issue.”  Councilwoman Cheryl Stoker is nervous about the cost to the residents if they decide to move forward with this project without grant money.

Carl Turner supported the recreational pond choice from the beginning and he still sees it as a good option. Swanson and Councilman Blake Cevering were unsure what to do with the new information. “I haven’t and don’t think the safety concern is as big as it might appear. Wherever there is open water there are risks,” said Swanson.

The council requested to see a presentation of the varying costs associated with the different options.

Phase 2 of amphitheater construction

The council approved phase 2 of the amphitheater construction which would develop the inside of the amphitheater structure. This would men’s and women’s dressing rooms, a mechanical room, a green room for performers, office space, a custodial closet, and scene shops. It would not include coiling doors or audio equipment, but theatrical equipment will be put in as there are funds left.

The fire sprinkler system is a dry system so the structure will not need to be heated during the winter to keep the pipes from freezing. The water for the system is kept at ground level and air is stored in the pipes. If the sprinklers are activated, the air rushing out will be shortly followed by water.

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