City council update: fees for towing approved

The city council approved the consolidated fees schedule for towing. It lays out the maximum fees the city will allow tow companies to charge to their residents. The council also gave the approval to apply for the Community Development Block Grant which assists moderate to low income housing. The council reviewed the fiscal report for the fiscal year that ended on June 30 2017. Most departments came in under budget and the department that didn’t brought increased revenues that exceeded the difference.

Approval for towing fees

The council approved the consolidated fees schedule for towing. City Attorney Jon Call said the maximum initial fee for towing is $147. “If the tow truck arrives and the person can convince them not to tow, the maximum cost is $73.50. He said the maximum holding fee per day is $40 and they can have an administrative fee up to $31 along with fuel fees.”

The council hopes this will reduce the risk of cars being damaged in the winter. Vehicles were clipped by a snowplow last year when they were parked on the street. Councilman Carl Turner asked how often have they towed in the past.  Taylor said they have claimed they would tow but they never have.  He said, “It will not be the first tool in most cases.” They discussed how the initial contact would be police officers notifying residents on their doorsteps. Dangerous circumstances like cars parked on the sides of narrow roads in the winter may be the exception. Councilman Phillip Swanson said, “This is for those who have been warned who don’t move their vehicles.” Call said the closest tow truck company to the city is on 2nd street. He said 21st street company responds quick and was the suggested company by the police.

Approval for grant application

Call presented on the proposed Community Development Block Grant application which was later approved by the council. Call said these grants are aimed at low to moderate income neighborhoods where residents make 62,000 or less a year. “We have a study of the area where we want to do the waterline project.” He said in the past it has been used for public works projects, loans for home improvements, waterline projects, and sidewalks. He said in the future they would use it for the Cold Water waterline project and trail crossings for an increase in safety for the canal trail.

Review of the fiscal report

The fiscal year ended June 30 and Finance director Evan Nelson discussed the full fiscal report with the city council now that the outstanding items have been turned in. The council compared revenues to expenditures and noticed how each fund performed for the year.

Most departments were under budget. Taylor said the inspection department was over budget but the revenue to the department exceeded what they expected with the increase in building in North Ogden.

Mayor said the aquatic center covered 90.6% of operating costs. “It’s a great step forward that the council had wanted to happen.” He said their crew is doing a good job at controlling the costs.

The sales tax trend shows North Ogden has a strong economy. The City brought in $2.5 million in sales tax revenue which is 3.3% higher than the city projected. The city also collected more impact fees than projected.

Councilman Jim Urry had questions about the CDA fund. The $200,000 CDA fund is a loan from the RDA fund. It is the city’s contribution to the village at prominent point. Councilman Jim Urry asked, “How long do we expect to have that paid back?” Mayor Brent Taylor said, “Within three years depending on the pace of development… There will be a lot of tax increment collected there.” Taylor said it’s going from raw land to a commercial and residential development.

Nelson said, “SID4 and SID2 receivables represent remaining dollar amounts owed to the city we haven’t been able to collect.” These costs came from sidewalk improvements. Property owners adjacent must cover a certain portion of the cost of those sidewalks. Urry suggested to give the residents options to “pay cash or add it to their utility bill.”

Annexation petition

The council approved the annexation petition to bring the .8 acre property of 744 East 1700 North into the City.


Councilwoman Cheryl Stoker was appointed as the a mayor pro temp for the remainder of the term if and when Taylor out of town.

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