City Council Update: Council accepts the 92 ft. road width plan to widen 400/450 E

The council accepted the 92 ft. plan for 400 E 450 E road width change. This plan moves the proposed East right of way line 10 ft. further away from the homes than was originally proposed.

All businesses will still be accessible from North and southbound traffic. Some of the residential driveways will be steeper, but Engineer Matt Hartvigsen said he doesn’t think they will be non-traversable.

Hartvigsen said the changes include reduced widths in the middle turn lane and bike lane, eliminating on street parking in the commercial areas, allowing on street parking in the residential areas, and including a park strip for snow storage. These changes will also lower the construction cost for the road and lower the cost for acquiring right of way from property owners.

The cost of a community survey might be too high

The council wants to get input from the community concerning bonding for a new public safety building.  A scientific survey would give balanced feedback from the entire community and not just a very vocal group who may or may not represent the general public. This survey could also collect input concerning other projects in the city. It would cost $13,500 for Y2 Analytics to conduct a one-time scientific survey and some council members think the cost is too high.

Councilman Carl Turner pressed that the money could be better spent elsewhere and Councilman Blake Cevering and Councilwoman Cheryl Stoker agreed. However, Cevering was supportive of looking into the Walker Institute to see if going through Weber State would lower the cost. Councilman Ryan Barker said conducting this kind of survey would give them invaluable input from the community. Councilman Phillip Swanson agreed and said he really wants to find money in this year’s budget for the survey. The council decided see what the Walker Institute can offer before they make a decision.

Council approves funding for YCC

The council approved $8,000 to donate to Your Community Connection Family Crisis Center. YCC Director Julie Smith said from Jan. 2018 to Dec. 2018 fifty North Ogden residents came into the center for help.  YCC provides food, clothing, shelter, case management, and transportation to families in crisis. Smith said their number one goal is to prevent homicide.

Other items

The Council decided to move the Mayor’s position to part time for the upcoming elections. They will decide on compensation before June 14 when the budget is approved. Currently compensation is $50,000 per year.

The council appointed Cevering to the Art Guild Committee and General Plan Committee. The council wanted someone who will be there after this next year’s elections.

The council accepted the Brown, Parker and Bates Annexation Petition. This property is located at approximately 1100 East 2600 North.

In public comments Jasmine Bennett suggested the city use the company Renewlogy to turn non-recyclable plastics into diesel fuel.

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