City Council Update: athletic sports courts built on private property must meet new standards

The city council held a public hearing to consider amendments to an ordinance that would affect residents who want to build sports courts on their property. After the hearing, two changes were made to the ordinance prior to approval. They added a 10 p.m. end time for events in the evening and further clarity to the requirement to drain these courts onto the owner’s property and not their neighbor’s property.

During the public hearing, some residents raised their concern that additional sports courts in the city could lead to flooding.  Other residents expressed how the sports courts that residents currently have add value and that the obstruction it creates from their neighbors view has not been an issue. Some residents mentioned that some people in the city are resisting this change because they don’t want their views to be blocked. Steve Arnor said,“We are not trying to take away from anyone’s view. We think this will be good for the community overall.” He said he thinks it is important to have a good safe place for people to play and develop their sports skills. He expressed the process of making these changes to the ordinance was more extensive than he thought when they started. Rob Rogers said “the planning commission option that has been presented will accommodate our area very well.” Sarah Fawson asked if existing athletic courts will be required to make changes to be in compliance with the new ordinance. City Attorney Jon Call said, “It depends on when the court was installed. If someone that had a tennis court that was built on a piece of property that was less than an acre, they could still use it if it were built before these changes to the ordinance were made.” He also said if people built something that was out of standards at the time it was built, they would be required to make changes.  

The proposed lease-purchase of two new snow plow trucks

Discussion ensued on whether to purchase the trucks or lease to own it. Councilman Urry made a motion to put this item off for a week and investigate what the financing arrangements would be available without a prepayment [penalty]. They also wanted information on the expectant rising cost of the trucks before making a decision.

Hiring an auditor and accounting services for the city

The council approved the agreements of Davis & Bott for annual audit along with Palmer & Ambrose for accounting services.

Park rules 

The council approved the following changes to an ordinance for park rules. One rule now reads “No overnight sleeping in the park unless it is a city sponsored event,” whereas it used to say “No sleeping.”  Community members are still allowed to take naps in parks. A no smoking rule was added along with the specification that dogs cannot be off leash except in designated areas. Further specification was given to the rule of no horses in the park. They added that exceptions include areas established for that purpose, such as the equestrian park. Councilman Swanson questioned the rule that requires people to not be barefoot in the park. They removed the rule and did not include it in the changes.  

GDR Properties agreement

The Council approved the settlement agreement as it was presented between GDR Properties, LLC and North Ogden City.

Candidates running for City Council

At the end of the meeting Councilman Satterthwaite said there were a set of questions the City Council Candidates responded to. They explain what they think about specific issues in the city. The questions and their responses are posted on the city’s website.  


  1. Correction. Steve Arnor is not part of the Planning Commission. He is the applicant who requested clarification of the city requirements for sport courts

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