City Council Update: a quest for a new council member

Fawson’s Resignation

March 13 marks the resignation for Councilwoman Sara Fawson. She and her family will be moving to Raleigh North Carolina for a job opportunity according to  The council will appoint a new member to fill the remainder of her term. Requirements to fill this position include:

  • 18+ years old
  • Registered to vote
  • A resident of North Ogden for 12 consecutive months
  • No felonies or convictions for treason

City Recorder Annette Spendlove suggested a timeline to fill the position. The city will advertise for the position beginning on March 11. All applications will be due in Annette Spendlove’s office on March 23.  On April 3 the council will hold interviews with the applicants and on April 10 they will vote on who to appoint.

A new cross walk safety light

The city will soon get a flashing crossing sign at 450 E just below 3300 N for the canal trail. The council approved this addition after Scott Ash, who lives adjacent to this crossing, voiced his concerns. One day, he and his son had been on the trail and crossed the road to get back home. “By the time we had hit our side of the road, a car was about 15 ft from plowing over my son.” Council member Phillip Swanson said he sees the danger there and the city will use capital improvements funds to cover the costs.

Airbnb homes in North Ogden

Three out of 6 thousand homes in North Ogden are listed as Airbnb dwellings. City Attorney John Call said neighbors of one dwelling complained about guests parking in front of their home. The council deliberated if they should make restrictions. One suggestion was to require one designated parking space behind a curb for visitors.  Fawson said she does not support creating more restrictions if there are laws in place that would cover the issue already. Call said the issue has been fairly benign so far.

More property for Park’s Department use

The Parks Department plans to utilize property the Belle Isle Home Owners Association gave to the city. Some property was more desirable than others and the council rejected one piece of property that was formerly designated to be green space. The North Ogden Farms HOA will divide up that property to bordering properties.

No Sidewalk needed

The council deferred the current expectation for sidewalks on the south side of 2000 N between Washington Blvd and 150 E. Dave Marsh said the city gave a verbal agreement 17 years ago that there would never have to be a sidewalk on the south side of the road. This however, goes against the subdivision ordinance that requires sidewalk. Marsh said it would cost millions of dollars to move a transmission power line that goes to Harrisville in order to put a sidewalk in.  He said even if there were to be a sidewalk, it would end without a safe place to cross to the sidewalk on other side of the road.

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