City Council Update: A potential shift in stop signs on 800 East

The Police Chief Dirk Quinney presented the plan to move north and southbound stop signs at 3200 North and 3400 North along 800 East. Currently the stop signs are placed so north and southbound traffic must stop. He said they plan to move the stop signs at both intersections to the opposite directions so east and westbound traffic will have the stop signs. Quinney said a study showed that 65% to 75% of the traffic make up North and South bound traffic and this is a practical change.

Several residents voiced their concerns about drivers’ speed on 800 East. Many of them thought removing the stop signs would lead to faster driving speeds, more accidents, and a greater danger to the children in the area.

The council decided to leave it as it is and have further discussion on the issue.

Detention Basin Park

The council is leaning towards having a fenced off irrigation pond beside the detention basin park that would include a playground and a field. The Parks and Recreation department prefers to not have a sports field in the detention basin due to the high cost of field maintenance when the basin fills with water. City Attourney Jon Call said the city’s costs would increase if they don’t include Pineview’s irrigation pond. The council wants to include the irrigation pond but limit its access to the community.  Irrigation water will be in the pond during the summer  and it would be 12 to 14 ft. deep.

Young Hero

The fire department awarded Hayden Eldridge with the Chief’s Commendation Award for his heroic actions.

city council mtng award Smoke detectors beeping, and seeing black and grey smoke billowing out of his neighbor’s house, Eldridge rushed into the home’s backyard, slid open the back door, and to his surprise he saw a young man, grabbed his arm, and pulled him to safety. Eldridge was on his way home from school on Dec. 21, 2108 when the incident occurred and he arrived on the scene before the North View Fire Department. North View Fire Marshal Jeremiah Jones said, “We don’t encourage people to rush into burning buildings, but Hayden did so in a safe manner. He was at the right place at the right time.”

Other Items

Mayor Michelle Tate from Harrisville City presented to the council the flag that flew over the state capitol in honor of Mayor Brent Taylor.

The council approved Scott Barker to be a member of the planning commission.

The council accepted the amendment to the agreement to the village at prominence point.

The council accepted the agreement with BHI for the White Rock debris basin

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