• The Council held a work session to discuss possible changes to the Village at Prominence Point. The Council approved the moving of one of the apartment buildings but did not approve the increased size of the Independent Living Facility building.
• The Council heard a presentation on “approval voting,” which is a system where voters are allowed to select as many candidates as they would like, so that people are not limited to a “vote for one” candidate scenario. The Council is not making any decisions on the voting method at this time, but was just seeking to learn more.
• The Council approved a code change for accessory dwelling units to allow for existing homes to be converted into ADUs with the construction of a new home.
• The Council approved two RAMP grant applications for the trailhead at 2750 North and Mountain Road and the lights and sound equipment at the Barker Park Amphitheater
• The Council also declared some property as surplus for the possible future location of a cell tower east of Mountain Road and south of the Equestrian Park.
• The Council selected Phil Swanson as the Mayor Pro Tempore – which is the person who acts on behalf of the Mayor when he’s out of town.

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