Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

Serving as the mayor of North Ogden City has been one of the greatest honors of my life and the highlight of my civilian professional career. Service is really what leadership is all about. I am announcing today that I will be deploying to Afghanistan to continue my service as a member of the Army National Guard.

Utah law provides for an orderly process to temporarily replace an elected official who is absent for military service for a time, and there will be a temporary mayor appointed to entirely fulfill the duties of my office here while I am serving overseas. I have full confidence that the City will continue to operate at the high level of service that our citizens have come to expect from our outstanding City Staff, our very capable City Council, and our new temporary Mayor Brent Chugg.


A message from the new mayor, Brent Chugg:

This month we experienced a “changing of the guard”, as we said farewell to our great Mayor as he departs for duty with the United States Army. We pay tribute to him in many ways because he has served so well as the Mayor of our city. He has moved this city forward in a positive way making it a better place to live. He has demonstrated dedication and hard work in fulfilling his role as Mayor. He also has shown great patriotism as he has answered the call to help defend this nation, not only this time but several others. We salute his family as they have sacrificed and supported him in both assignments. We pray for his safe return.

We as citizens in this community have a definite responsibility to unite and work together as the City continues to grow and maintain the legacy of many who have served this City. We have a great staff of employees who are dedicated to their assignments to help make this happen. They make sure that all the functions of the City are working properly so we can enjoy the comforts of living here.

I look forward to my association with each of you and seek your input and service as we continue to our progress in the coming year.


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