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Celebrating 3 Years at Connection Publishing

Special Article brought to you by Connection Publishing

Connection Publishing is now celebrating our third full year of being in business and nearly 3.5 years overall. The journey to where we are today has been thrilling and exciting while also full of its own challenges. From the beginning we have hoped to build a company with more meaning than to just make money. We have wanted to make a difference we wanted to create a product that people love and that creates connections. Connection between community and their government, the government to the people, businesses to the community and community members to each other. We also wanted to provide opportunities for our team members to be part of making something great with and while also providing for their families.

It was exciting to be at our annual Christmas party with our team and their families. The gratitude we feel when spending time with them is immense. We are growing out of being able to hold it at our house and will probably have to find a new location next year. Which is bitter sweet because we love the family themed Christmas party where the children of our team came and decorated gingerbread houses and made custom hot chocolate at our hot cocoa bar.

As part of this journey, we get to also interact with many businesses and their owners and we love our advertisers. They are the only way these publications are able to exist. We were pleasantly surprised today when we received an email indicating that we have been nominated to potentially be named the Ogden/ Weber Chamber of Commerce, Small Business of the Year. This is exciting news and is a tip of the hat to us for the important work we are doing. We have exciting plans this coming year to achieve even more growth and profitability. This year we achieved 54% growth as of the writing of this article with a couple weeks to go.

We are so grateful for the businesses and cities who have trusted us to be part of their communication and marketing efforts. We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring for us.

By the time you read this the TV show America’s Real Deal will begin to air on various network channels across the United States, but the easiest way to watch will be on Facebook Watch, where you can watch on your own schedule. We have been moved up to season 1 and are excited to compete against the other businesses. We hope you will watch and vote for Connection Publishing.

Our goal is to also raise and additional $100,000 in capital through this show. You can purchase shares of the company and invest in our future for as little as $100. We are grateful to all of our current investors who have helped us be the number 1 company in raised capital in pre-season fund raising so far. If you would like to take part visit There you can find our growth strategies, plans and disclosures regarding the companies financials. We look forward to another great growth year in 2020.

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