Precious Pet

Cherry & Mickey: Two is better than one! One loves watermelon, and the other thinks he’s human!  One loves watermelon, and the other thinks he’s human! When my daughter, Karina, turned 11 years old we gave her a big surprise in her birthday card…a trip to the animal shelter to pick out her very own kitten! She was elated! Just days later we brought home, “Cherry.” She … Continue reading Precious Pet

Reminders for Dog Owners

We would like to remind all residents that North Ogden prohibits dogs being unrestrained by a leash or fence when outside.  Unrestrained dogs are at greater risk of being injured or killed, and also cause risks to pedestrians, motorists and other animals.  Please keep your dogs restrained at all times. Dog owners are also required to clean up their dogs’ feces when they take their … Continue reading Reminders for Dog Owners