Tour The Area On A Bike

People all over the world make plans to visit our beautiful state. We have some of the most incredible places and natural landscapes in the world. One of these is right here in our back yard and now there is a great new way to see Antelope Island. Tice and Jamie Child opened Antelope E-bikes last spring and rented the old Marina building just past … Continue reading Tour The Area On A Bike

Park Spotlight: Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is the city’s narrowest park located at 2641 N. 400 E., just north of Lee’s Marketplace. This beautiful park of 1.25 acres is home to the famous “North Ogden Stump,” with fresh well water available year-round. The park also hosts North Ogden’s Veteran’s Memorial, listing many of the heroes from North Ogden. In addition to the water at the stump, there is a … Continue reading Park Spotlight: Bicentennial Park

Coming Soon: New Skate Park

If you have visited North Ogden Park lately, you might have noticed that there is a large hole where the volleyball courts used to be. As part of the expansion of the library, Weber County has agreed to relocate the skate park for the many people who enjoy and use it. The skating components that were at the original skate park have been relocated to … Continue reading Coming Soon: New Skate Park

Community Question

Question:   Are there rules against certain activities in parks? Answer:  The City has several rules related to park activities.  Most of the rules are posted at the parks, but there are several rules which are universally enforced. Some of the most common violations we see are 1) Parks are open from 6 am to 10 pm. Nobody should be in the parks after 10 … Continue reading Community Question