Map of Early Pleasant View

Have you ever wondered what Pleasant View looked like when families started to settle in this area. Native Americans were neighbors at different times of the year. When these families came they didn’t have empty houses available for purchase. They worked hard constructing living quarters from resources that were abundant in the area. They cleared fields and planted seeds for food. How blessed are we … Continue reading Map of Early Pleasant View

Early Native Americans

Native American inhabitants settled along the small creeks in the area. Food for their ponies was plentiful and hunting in the Pole Patch area and nearby hills was alluring. Native Americans pitched their tents and found food in Pleasant View long before the first trappers, explores, or pioneers and settlers arrived. Many relics found indicate some may have lived here for extended periods of time. … Continue reading Early Native Americans

History: Georgina Ann Maria Barnett Roylance

Georgina Ann Maria Barnett Roylance (1854-1931) A Women of Courage During Hard Times I love to study and read about history. It is a hobby of mine. The thing that I love most about history is that it gives me confidence that I can do hard things. We all have trials and difficult times to endure, but when I read about the amazingly difficult things … Continue reading History: Georgina Ann Maria Barnett Roylance

Winter in the early 1900’s

Winter in the early 1900’s through Jeanette Shaw Greenwell’s eyes While in the North Ogden Historical Museum a couple months ago, I was shown this autobiography of Jeanette Shaw Greenwell. I read a few pages and couldn’t put it down. The stories are told with such detail it almost feels like I have been there before. I had to share one more insert from her … Continue reading Winter in the early 1900’s

History: North Ogden Fire Department

This month, as we remember our freedoms we enjoy in our state and in our country, we celebrate our local heroes for working hard to keep us safe. Sometimes, our freedoms can be taken away from us in an instant in case of an emergency, but luckily our heroes at North View Fire Station work tirelessly to protect us and do everything in their power … Continue reading History: North Ogden Fire Department

Going After Trees

What could possibly entice a young boy and his brother to miss a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home for a cold lunch out of a cardboard box in the Nevada mountains?  Answer:  The prospect of being with our Dad and bringing joy to folks in the form of hundreds of Christmas trees. My father, Joyce Humphreys, and his brother-in-law, Junior Taylor, started their sales of … Continue reading Going After Trees