Teriyaki Pork Bowls

Teriyaki Pork Bowls By: Shauna Havey Liven up your springtime dinner menu with this protein and veggie packed dish.  Made with lean pork and cauliflower rice, it’s the perfect start to lighter, seasonal eating. Bold teriyaki sauce and a variety of crunchy toppings finish off this healthy family meal.  Feel free to sub in regular white rice if you like. Serves 4 1 1/2 pounds … Continue reading Teriyaki Pork Bowls

The Chuggs, Over 50 Years of Life Together

When Merle was young, she was part of 4H and would meet new friends from all over in Utah and Idaho. She met a girl from Cache Valley that became a really good friend. They correspond via letters. One fateful 4H leadership conference was coming up in the Cache Valley area and Merle contacted her friend to see if she could visit. Her friend was … Continue reading The Chuggs, Over 50 Years of Life Together

Meet Your High School Leaders

Darlene Sangiorgio I love the start of school!  I love the energy, the smiles, the structured schedule and a chance to get to know the students and staff.  This is my second year at Weber High as an administrator.  My educational experience includes teaching junior high, high school (right here at Weber High) and online courses for both the Utah State Office of Education and … Continue reading Meet Your High School Leaders

Spotlight on Weber High School

A letter from the principal Weber High School Community, August is a favorite time of year for me as it signals cooler weather is on the way and it means our eerily quiet building will soon be bustling with students! There are very few sights and sounds better than a noisy, bustling school. Students are filled with excitement as they catch up with their peers, … Continue reading Spotlight on Weber High School

Spring’s Living Things

Spring’s Living Things This has been a strange year for weather. Warm when it should be cold, very little snow and overall it feels like winter never really came. For those of you who are skiers, it has likely been quite disappointing. As we approach Easter, I am excited for my favorite season which is just around the corner. Spring brings blooming flowers and lots … Continue reading Spring’s Living Things

A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle It was Christmas Eve 2001 and the two presents on the floor accentuated the empty space underneath the illuminated tree. Throughout the night, the emptiness crept from under the tree and into my heart. I was only 11 at the time, but I knew that this Christmas wasn’t like any other Christmas our family had experienced. Earlier in the year, my mom’s … Continue reading A Christmas Miracle