January’s Employee of the Month

EAnthony Bersamin Anthony has a great attitude toward work and toward life in general. He is fun to be around and spreads positive vibes. Anthony’s dedication to the police department is evident from his willingness to help anyone and everyone with any task. He has great public relation skills and is committed to providing top notch customer service.  A few months ago Anthony was in … Continue reading January’s Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month-Andra Jones

Andra is a conscientious and dedicated employee, who handles situations professionally. She works hard at every task given to her and is efficient in completing those tasks. She is a team player and willing to fill in whenever necessary. Andra is not afraid to learn new things and is always willing to take on additional tasks and learning opportunities. As the North Ogden Animal Control … Continue reading Employee of the Month-Andra Jones

Employee of the Month

Justin Shinsel Justin Shinsel, Public Works Inspector, has been chosen for the Employee of the Month. Justin has been with the City since 2014, starting out in the Water Department and promoted to the position he currently holds. He is responsible for making sure all the utilities are installed properly and maintains a great working relationship with all the contractors working in the City. Justin … Continue reading Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Ryan Carter was asked to step into the role of maintaining our Water Meter Reading Systems near the end of 2016. We are just over half way through the transition from drive-by reading to Fixed Base Meter Reading. Ryan took the systems over and has really put in a lot of work to get to know the systems. He uses four different programs currently to … Continue reading Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Pat Wickersham Pat Wickersham is a permanent part-time employee assisting in the Green Waste Facility.  She is the person that takes your passes when you visit the facility.  If you haven’t been lately you must stop by and see the enormous effort Pat has put into the beautification of the facility. We appreciate Pat always being there for the residents and serving the citizens of … Continue reading Employee of the Month